First post!

OK, I know very little about motorbikes in general, or motorbiking anywhere, nevermind Japan. But this is not going to put me off. No, indeed not. I’m learning fast and intend to chart my learning curve in detail for those who are yet to travel this particular road.

Well, Japan. Home of Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki. Nice. If you love, or even just like bikes you’ll love this place. The country is coming down with them. Bike shops are everywhere and the auctions are as trustworthy as you could hope for. Second hand bikes can be immaculate, barely ridden and cheap, which is sweet for me, because I need to buy one.

Right now, I ride a 50cc scooter (I’ll post on that a little later), but it’s not going to be enough from April of next year when my work commute will become pretty hectic, hence the need for something more powerful. I don’t have a motorbike licence to ride anything over 50cc, so I’m currently doing lessons for a test which will allow me to ride bikes up to and including those at 400cc.

So on this blog, I’ll be posting about bikes, lessons and tests, insurance and beaurocracy and the joy of motorbiking in a country which was specially designed for it. You should see the roads!

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