The Honda Transalp 400V. I want one!

This is the Honda Transalp 400V and one of my target bikes for purchase. I saw one in the flesh today for the first time and was impressed by its size. Physically it’s a big bike for a 400cc. I understand the 400cc is only sold in Japan and has the same body as the larger engine models sold elsewhere.

My budget is severely restricted at ¥180,000 (about 800-900 pounds) so I’ll be waiting some time for a decent enough one to appear. I found out about a guy in Tokyo who buys bikes to order at the auctions, for a fee. He’s got a good reputation and seems to know what he’s doing, so I’ve asked him to try to get one for me. One came up recently, but it just moved outside of my budget. I’ll write more about this in detail later, but for now, just the Transalp, in all its Enduro majesty!

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