Next target bike at the auctions.

This is the next target at auction. It’s coming up tomorrow. It’s a Honda Xelvis 250cc. It looks clean enough, but I’ll not know until Fastbike gets a look at it tomorrow in the flesh. They’re excellent bikes. The fairing is good for wind protection and there is a deep compartment under the seat, big enough to hold rain-gear and bungie ties. It has a sweet 250cc V-Twin engine, which has a very high reputation for reliability. It’s also quite a capable bike speed wise, but speed is way down my list of priorities.

Buying at auctions here in Japan is not like back home where, unless you bring a mechanic with you or know about bikes yourself, which I don’t, it’s a lottery with the chances of buying a crap bike or car being pretty high. Here in Japan the bikes are audited by the auctioneers prior to being put up for auction and they’re described in detail with the information being made available to potential buyers beforehand (hence the picture above which is the actual bike I hope to get) so I reckon it’s a decent bike. If you buy a bike and there’s something wrong which was not described by the auctioneers then you have legal recourse.

Initially I wanted just to get out of the 50cc restrictions trap so I was looking at 125cc scooters only, but as I learned a bit more I realised that it would be as cheap to buy a second hand 250cc or 400cc bike given that 125cc scooters are in very high demand here as commuting bikes. After deciding to go for the 250cc-400cc licence my eye (my ego, I should say) just kept moving up the food chain until all I could see was 400ccs.

However, if the truth be said, I don’t need a 400cc. I would like to have the option that a 400cc would give me of being able to head off up the highway once in a while, to see more of Japan outside of the capsule of the car, but the vast, vast majority of my riding will be city commuting and a 250cc would be cheaper to run and just as capable of breaking the speed limit. In saying that, if a good 400cc comes along I’ll take it, but I know that a 250cc would be more practical.

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