It wasn’t to be….

Didn’t get the Xelvis unfortunately. The bids sent it way above my budget, something we didn’t expect to happen. Fastbike said that the bids today were generally higher, most likely because it was the first auction of the year. I’m quite disappointed really. It was a clean bike and suits my needs very well. I’d allowed myself to set my heart on it and had even imagined myself whizzing along route 363 into Nagoya.

Shortly afterwards Fastbike sent me information on this bike, a Kawasaki KLE 250. I asked him to bid on a KLE 400 not long ago and it too drifted above my budget. This looks like a very clean bike and is as tall as the KLE 400, giving it a very nice seating position and road view, but I was too late coming home to see the email. I don’t even know how much it finally went for, but it had only 8k on the clock, was very clean, as you can see, and is in the highly popular 250cc category, so I reckon it too went for more than my budget. No loss then?

UPDATE: I asked Fastbike how much the KLE went for and he said that it sold for ¥100,000, just over half of my budget. This is not going my way, is it? lol  Better luck next time.

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2 Comments on “It wasn’t to be….”

  1. graham Says:

    Is your budget ~200,000yen?Also, get those e-mails sent to your keitai on the auctions perhaps?

  2. Damien Okado-Gough Says:

    No, the budget is \200,000, but that includes the cost of the bike, Fastbike's fees, transport from Tokyo to here and the registration which includes compulsory insurance. That means that I pay around 140,000-150,000 for a bike. It's doable, but given the bikes I want I'll have to wait for a real bargain to come along. We thought I had it with the Xelvis, but it didn't happen.

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