Japanese motorbike cop skills video.

Here’s some footage of Japanese motorbike police being put through their paces. They’re pretty handy, flinging those Honda 750cc bikes around like kiddy rides.

I only once had a run in with one of these guys when I got pulled for not stopping at a stop sign. He was well angry to start with, yelling, “ANATA!” (YOU!) at me from the side of the road, but when I pulled my helmet off and he saw I was a foreigner, he changed to being the friendliest guy imaginable, taking time to explain to me what the sign said and how I should behave when I approach a junction! On another occasion I split lanes right to the front of a line of traffic at a junction where I should have been doing the ridiculous two-step manouevre only to meet him face on sitting at the other side also waiting to turn right. He could have nailed me on two counts, but he didn’t. My kind of policeman!

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