Bike arrives tomorrow morning.

I had four lessons today and thought that they’d be the last, but I’ve one more to do and that’ll be tomorrow morning from 9:30. Before that, Fastbike will be delivering the Transalp. Happy days. He’s driving down from Tokyo through the night and should be here around 7am. It’ll give me lots of time to explore the bike before I head off for the lesson. Hopefully, that’ll be the last lesson and then I can do the test on Tuesday morning. I’ll post pics as soon as things settle down a bit.

Between setting exams and marking them, teaching, meetings, house and family stuff and riding lessons, life’s unbelievably busy. By the end of next week, there’ll be nothing left to do, but throw my leg over the bike and take off for a good ride somewhere. That’s a pic of the bike by the way, sitting outside Fastbike’s house in Tokyo.

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One Comment on “Bike arrives tomorrow morning.”

  1. Brian Says:

    It's ouside his place? You sure it's still there?Hpe to ride with you sometime soon (screech on the forums)

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