The bike has arrived.

So the bike’s outside the door. To be honest it’s so big I’m a bit scared of the fecker. I only ever saw one other Transalp in the flesh and I remember thinking that it was a tall bike, but now I have the prospect of throwing my leg over it and riding around the place it looks seriously tall around the handlebars and tank area. The CB400SF looks like a 125cc compared to it.

I’ve my test booked for Tuesday morning and I reckon I’m well set to do it. Had a lesson today and did 7 or 8 near perfect runs, but came off the ipponbashi on the first run, so that shook me a touch. Now I need to get the bike registered in my name and sort out the optional insurance. My scooter is insured with the car insurance and I’m hoping I can just have the bike added.

It needs a good clean and there is rust on the spokes and dotted around the bike. It’s still an old bike and shows it in places. It has weathered a bit, so it could use a good tidying up. I’ll enjoy getting into that over the next few weeks.

I reckon the height will be excellent when I get used to it. The view over the tops of cars will be good and I’ll also be quite visible to other drivers. I hope to be riding around on the thing by the end of the week, even earlier if possible. Wednesday night is a possiblity if I get the test on Tuesday.

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