My mechanic.

My mate David introduced me to his mechanic who’s based near Nonomi station in Nagoya, and who I’ll be getting to do whatever needs done to the bike from here on in.

Masaki-san (his surname, even though it’s quite usually a first name), races minibikes. He also builds them, apparently spending too much time and money doing it, but loving it. According to David, he recently spent 2.5 million yen building a minibike. I bought a brand new car for less than that! He is also known to spend many hours working on the small 50cc and 125cc engines milking even one extra cc out of them. He’d one engine mounted on a cradle while I was there and I think he was doing just that with it.
He’s the nicest guy too, very shy and softly spoken and genuinely honest. Recently I had a mechanic from a local bike shop tell me I need 100,000 yen worth of work done to the bike and when I asked Masaki-san for a second opinion, he told me 15,000 would do it easily. So I’ve asked him to replace the rear sprocket on the Transalp. It’s ordered and I’m waiting for it to arrive. I’ll also get him to clean the front brake callipers as they’re sticking and that results in higher fuel consumption.
In saying that, I’ve no idea what sort of mileage I should be getting from the bike. It doesn’t have a fuel guage so I filled it recently and set the trip meter to zero to see how many kms I’ll get before it hit the reserve tank. I’m currently at 235kms and I still haven’t hit the reserve. The 400V was only made for the Japanese market too, so Transalp specs in English on the internet are for the larger 650cc bikes. I need to hunt down a 400cc spec and get it translated.
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One Comment on “My mechanic.”

  1. Motorbiking in Japan Says:

    UPDATE:Simon V from Tokyo Riders emailed me about mileage for the Transalp 400V. He wasn't able to post here for some reason, so I'll post it for him. Cheers Simon.I get 20.x km per litre on my Transalp400 now that it is naked. It was around 19 when I had the fairing on it. I also have a full set of Krauser K2 boxes on all the time. If you get the same mileage as me you'll need to switch to the reserve at about 270km.That's riding 40km/day, half in hills, half in the city.On a long ride you can get 300k on one tank. And I always fill it to the brim! :-DSimon V

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