I need a tinted visor for my new OGK Teleos III helmet.

Spring was in the air today for the second time in a few days. Today was warmer than the last day because it was sunnier and it was a lot more pleasurable riding through Nagoya today. I was sitting on the bike on my way to the mechanic’s place and I had to lift my visor a couple of times because it was getting warm under it and I was also having to squint a fair bit because the sun was in my eyes. That had me thinking that I’ll be needing a new visor.

For years I was riding around on the scooter suffering the sun in my eyes and I’d no idea you can buy replacement visors. It simply never crossed my mind. I just wore sunglasses under the open faced helmet, something which is not a convenient option with the one I have now. When I was buying my new helmet (an OGK Teleos III from Ricoland), I saw loads of visors for sale, so I’ll take a run up some time soon and have a look. I’m sure I’ll be able to get one that tints only when the sun is out, but which is clear at night.

There’s also the added element of people not being able to see my face. It may seem strange to think this way, but even Phorest mentioned it in Smash Head cafe the other night. Being foreign in Japan does bring a lot of attention on you, basically because there are not a lot of us about. So when on the roads and doing those wee things we’re kind of not supposed to do, like splitting lanes and such, I have always felt a bit embarrassed about it, basically because I’m a foreigner here. I’d like to be squeaky clean to be honest (or at least be seen to be), so a tinted visor would be handy in that respect as well.

Someone actually told me recently about fine, transparent plastic visor covers which do the same thing and which also don’t fog up. If I can find those, I may settle for one if they’re cheaper. If anyone has any advice for me I’d appreciate it if you’d post it below.

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5 Comments on “I need a tinted visor for my new OGK Teleos III helmet.”

  1. Motorbiking in Japan Says:

    Mayapaso from Gaijin Riders posted this in response to my thread on that forum:"I have the same OGK helmet as yours. Buy a graded tint visor (top 20% is dark tint grading gradually to clear) works very well as a compromise. On these sunny winter mornings, jam the helmet down at the front and when you come home in the dark, tip the helmet up a touch or just crack the visor open a few degrees; works fine for me. I wouldn't buy an all tint visor; useless at night. OGK make 5-6 different visors for this model. Make sure to get the correct one. Cost about ¥3500. These visors are NOT anti-mist, for that you'll need a Pinlock stick on insert; not sure if there's one for the OGK or not."

  2. Klaus Says:

    Damien – one more try here, too!The bike looks great. What you might want to get is ACERBIS hand-guards, those original plastic flaps are no good at all! For pictures of my TA, check out my homepage http://virtulanguage.com and go to the touring sections in the photo gallery.Take care,Klaus

  3. Motorbiking in Japan Says:

    Hi Klaus,Checked them out and they look pretty good. Something else on the 'to buy' list. The original Honda ones I have are now really groggy. There is dirt in them which simply won't come out and, you're right, they're not the best for weather protection. They'll do until the end of the summer though. I want to sort out the mechanics first.

  4. tonus blair Says:

    I have a small helmet that needs a tinted face shield I have a teleos 3 ogk. If u have one for sell or know where to get em please let me know

  5. Where do you live mate? If you’re in Japan, any of the big motorcycle supplies retailers will stock them. Places like Ricoland, Motorcycle World, Shabondama, etc. Of course you’ll easily get them online. Here they are on Amazon Japan:


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