New Sprocket.

Masaki-san put a new sprocket on the bike today. The bike looked to be stripped of its dignity with the back wheel off. A bit like a man wearing a shirt and tie, but naked from the waist down. The sprocket and labour cost just under ¥10,000. I’d rather not have had to have it done (go on, say it fast), but that’s two mechanics who told me that it needed done.

He doesn’t speak any English really, but he reads and writes a bit. I’m kind of glad because I need to spend time in the company of those who don’t want to practice their English. He was quiet to begin with, but when he finished changing the sprocket he was happy to chat for a while.

Next I need to put on a new front tyre and I don’t need a mechanic to tell me that. There are one or two patches on the tyre which are almost as bald as me, and that’s saying something. Masaki-san has also recommended cleaning the front breaks while he has the front wheel off. Again, he’s the second mechanic to advise that so I’m happy for him to do it. He said that April or May is soon enough, but that when the ground starts to heat up under the summer sun, the tyre will become dangerous. I’ll not be doing any big rides until it’s changed. That work will cost around ¥16,000. With the cost of the bike, a new sprocket and now this, my original budget has been shattered, but c’est la vie.
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