Upgrading a Transalp.

This blog was previously hosted on Blogger, but quite a few people were having problems posting. Klaus was one of them, so he emailed me about it and upgrading his TA, the reason he wanted to comment in the first place.

Anyway, here’s Klaus’s email regarding upgrading the TA. He also lives in Japan and owns one.

Damien, morning from Shikoku!
Well, couldn’t post it on your blog (darned computer technique), so I go here again.
Concerning the bike:  if you want to have good technical information, check out this site:  http://www.ta-deti.de/index.html.  He is an expert on all TA questions.  It is also in English, so should be no problem!!?!?!
All I can say is:  do regular oil changes (I use synth. 10W40, little expensive, but a new engine would definitely cost more!!).  As I mentioned, I got the Hepco&Becker junior paniers, was thinking about aluminum (Tesch, Daerr, MetalMul and what they are called) but – you can’t dent the plastic ones in case you drop the bike and they don’t look bad either (in addition to the $$$$ consideration).  On the seat I put a sheep skin ordered from New Zealand, makes riding a little more comfortable on long trips (especially on the Lady{s} arse).  For all “little” extras I can also give you the referring homepages and persons of contact information, if desired (NO, I don’t get any paybacks, just trying to help fellow bikers).  Well, guess that’s it for this early morning, you take care and looking forward to hearing from you,
Klaus D. Orth

Cheers for the info Klaus 🙂

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