Jokoji Temple ride, Seto, Japan.

This is the local ride I’ve been talking about. I took a run out there today and took pictures along the route. It takes me just a couple of minutes to get to the start point from my house. Pretty neat to be honest. It’s full of twisties, many of which are on steep climbs or decents, very exciting even at slow speeds. It’s taking me some time to get used to having to throw the Transalp around the tight corners, especially on descents, but I’m taking it slow and playing it safe.

I’ll be extending the ride significantly over time, but having just discovered these roads it totals about 10-15km just at this point. Not too bad considering the quality of the roads, but still a bit short. Anyway, here it is.

Start point.

There’s a small police box on the right of the corner and a junction in the middle of the photo. The fun starts right across that junction and out of sight of the police!

Rail bridge.

Right past the junction there’s a tight right turn in under the rail tracks which disappear into the hill just a few metres from this point.

First bend

First bend

This is the first bend beyond the rail bridge. Immediately the road enters a steep ascent.

Second road.

Just a little further up the hill, there’s a right turn which brings you onto this road, which runs right over the hill and down to the bottom on the other side.

The start of the twisties proper.

Although the roads to this point are pretty windy, here’s where it really starts. All along the road each bend has a mirror mounted on a post so that you can see oncoming traffic.

Down the other side.

This is just over the crest of the hill. The descent here is severe and this would be very dangerous in wet or icy weather. Even in dry, favourable conditions, there’s usually some forest debris on the road.

More decending twisties.

This is just a bit further along from the previous photo. This is such a fun stretch of road. Unfortunately there is traffic, so caution is necessary. It’s a single lane after all.

Jokoji Temple entrance

Just off the hill road, you come to a junction and a left turn to get to here, the entrance to Jokoji Temple, a big Rinzai Zen temple with a great windy rindo to get to it. On the right of the picture you can see another police box and just around the corner another great descending windy.

The bike at Jokoji Temple.

This is just one of the buildings at Jokoji. You’ll recognise this scene from the blog’s header image. I went there a few days ago for this image for the blog. As I said above, the road up to the temple from the main road is very windy, and covered in gravel. Fun as long as the monk doesn’t hear you coming up like a trails competitor!

Jokoji descent.

Jokoji descent.

This road runs past the entrance to Jokoji and down to the Shonai River. Maybe with the bike inclined with the hill you can’t get a proper sense of just how steep this is. You can see how damn windy it is though.

Waterfall cafe garden.

I had no idea this was here until I stopped to take the previous photo. Just below the carpark there’s a house/cafe alongside a lovely little waterfall. They have tables and chairs out along the stream under the trees. I’m going to stop here soon for a cuppa.

Back up to Jokoji.

This is the bottom of the road. I’m sorry I didn’t take a photo of the river, but it’s a busy little junction and I was parked precariously. I think you can get a better sense of how steep the road is from this photo.

On the road back.

This is back over the top of the hill on the road back. Much of the road has sheer drops of tens of metres, but no guardrails. Dangerous stuff.

Last photo.

Here’s just one more of the twisties on the road back down to the start point. This is a better stretch with a guardrail.

So that’s my local fun ride. I do this just to get out of the house for an hour or two. Maybe if the ride in March starts from my house as was originally planned with Bakkies and Phorest, we can take this in and then head up to Tajimi along the Shonai River road.

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4 Comments on “Jokoji Temple ride, Seto, Japan.”

  1. Adrian Says:

    Nice report! keep it on šŸ™‚ Just a suggestion, you could include a picture with a map from google earth with the route. Or a map of the area, to see where is this in Japan. Cheers!


  2. Adrian Says:

    Ok, I just saw the widget U_U’

  3. Simon V Says:

    Wot wijit wear?
    Can’t see it but I’d like to see some maps.
    Prefer Google Maps myself as you can add pointers and routes.

  4. There should be a widget appears on the left hand column right below the Tokyo Riders link. It has been a bit strange insofar as it appears and disappears every so often. It uses google maps and it would be good if it would work consistently.

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