Dirt Freak

Dirt Freak off-road supplies store.

For the couple of years I have lived here I’ve been seeing signs for a store called Dirt Freak close to my house, so today I went looking for it and had something of a surprise. It’s on a road I have never traveled on, but still only two or three minutes from my house. It’s an off-road/enduro supplies store!

Parts section.

The shop is divided into two halfs, one for parts, including exhausts, brake systems, chains, tyres, hand-guards, seats, handlebars and lots more, and one for apparel. The parts section includes a small tools section with all sorts of necessary tools like chain breakers and bike mounts. It doesn’t look to be that cheap though. I’m not sure I’ll be buying many parts from it.

Helmets and apparel.

The other section, as I said, is for gear, helmets, gloves, and all you’d need for off-road riding, elbow and knee guards, boots etc. I’ll be going back later to buy a set of knee guards. They’re my perfect solution to a leggings situation I’ve got. I’ll explain that in a later post.

Honda XR650R from the Paris Dakar rally.

Just as you walk into the shop, they’ve got this on display, a Honda XR650R which was used to compete in the Paris Dakar Rally by a guy called Jun Mitsuhashi ,who, I’ve been told, is still in the Enduro scene . It’s a sweet bike. Proper Enduro.

The shop has all the feel of a chain store, with own-brand items and the likes, but I was very surprised to find out that it’s the only Dirt Freak store. That being the case, it makes be think that there must be an off-road biking scene near here. It really is a sizable store to be stuck out in the sticks and to have been trading for the last couple of years at least. If it ever has a closing down sale, I’ll be there with my strongest bargaining skills, I can tell ya!

More here: http://www.dirtfreak.co.jp/store/index.html

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