Leg gear.

Shift leg guards, ¥2,850 at Dirt Freak, Seto.

I’ve been looking around for appropriate leg gear and not having a lot or success finding it. What I mean by appropriate leg gear is something waterproof with good protection for my knees in the event of a spill or crash, and which doesn’t cost as much as my bike did.

A friend was good enough to loan me a pair of Rough and Road pants, but they’re LL, and I’m medium, so I’m drowning in them. They’re good waterproof and quilted pants with knee pads, but just far too big. When I went to Ricoland (Riders Community Land), a motorcycling superstore chain, the selection of pants was woeful. Most didn’t have protective padding at all and those that did cost more than the legs they’re meant to protect. I mean seriously expensive, for me anyway. Then I had an idea. Why not buy a set of leg guards and non-padded riding pants?

Leg guards being worn.

When I went to Dirt Freak recently, I did so primarily in the belief that, as an off-road riding supplier, they’d have what I want, and I wasn’t disappointed. I bought the leg guards pictured for less than ¥3,000, that’s $30, or 15 pounds sterling. Soon I’ll buy a pair of the waterproof and quilted leggings in Ricoland (¥5,000) for cold and rain protection and wear them over the top of the guards. In the good weather, like that we’re getting now, I’ll just wear the guards and dispense with the leggings.

So that’s the leggings issue I was having sorted for ¥8,000. Were I inclined to pay the ¥30,000 or so for pants on offer around the place, I’d be sweating like a dog in the heavily humid Japanese summers. This solution nails that problem.


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4 Comments on “Leg gear.”

  1. Andreas Says:

    Heavy duty, mate! Always a good idea to make sure your knees stay in one piece.

    When thinking safety you should keep in mind, though, that the most likely bits of damage you’ll experience when getting off the bike the fast way are large area skin abrasions on your hips and butt from sliding down the tarmac. A good set of leathers (or appropriate fabric pants) will take care of that.

    As you are a medium size, keep your eyes open for the off-season deals at the usual outfit stores (Nap’s in Tokyo/Yokohama, Racing World in Nagoya). With a bit of luck, you’ll pick up something reasonable (waterproof, breathable, with knee and hip protectors) in your size for less than fifteen k.

    And while you are there pondering safety, take a look at their back protectors. Personally, I’d rather risk a broken shin than a broken spine.

    Last, let’s hope you’ll never have to give your purchase the reality test.

    Happy ridn’!

  2. Hi Andreas, thanks for the advice.

    What I have here is just to keep me covered until I can afford to pick up a decent pair of pants. I’m usually always in jeans, and I have a Honda Baldor jacket with elbow, shoulder, back and chest armour. I got it for ¥14,000 (reduced from ¥30,000) in a local bike shop that had four or five of them for sale in their bargain section.

    So with what I’m wearing I’m hoping to seriously reduce the injuries in the event of a spill. I’d like to cover my arse and hips a bit better though, but that’ll have to wait until the money is there for it.

    Where is Racing World in Nagoya? Actually, I’ll do a search for it online now, but if you can tell me anything more about it I’d appreciate it.

  3. Andreas Says:

    actually, there are two racing world shops in Nagoya. Check them out at




    also, check out shabon dama at


    if I can think of any others, I’ll keep you posted

    weather is looking good! hope you’ll make the best of the weekend!

  4. Cheers Andreas. I went to the Racing World in Moriyama today. It’s not hat far from my home, about 40 mins in crap traffic :oP

    I checked tinted visors for my helmet and had a good look at the pants and almost everything else. It’s a far better place than the Ricoland in Komaki. The visor was almost half the Ricoland price. Thanks for the heads up on that. I’ll visit the Shabondama place too in time.

    Thanks again.

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