The Height of the Transalp.

On the bike.

After Alistair asked in an earlier thread about the height of the Transalp I planned to have a photo taken while sitting on the bike so that he could see. Well, here it is. I had one taken while sitting on the bike and one standing beside it.

As you can see, it’s a tall bike for sure, but, if you look at my right foot, it’s flat on the ground. I’ve an inseam of around 30 inches. The foot pegs make it a touch difficult to get both of my feet flat, but it’s doable.

The fuel tank of the Transalp reaches up to my chest.

Here’s one of me standing beside it, just to show how tall and imposing Transalps are. There’s little doubt about it, when you’re in traffic you’re a significant presence in the road. That in itself makes them a safe bike. If you can be seen easily, the less likely you are to be hit.

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6 Comments on “The Height of the Transalp.”

  1. Alistair Says:

    Looks good. I was a little worried whether I’d be able to fit on one of these but, from your photos, it looks like it might work. Agreed about being visible.

    Like the photos of that custom naked transalp in your other post.

  2. Simon V Says:

    “If you can be seen easily, the less likely you are to be hit.”

    Don’t count on it! There are plenty of people looking the wrong way….

    Simon V

  3. Don’t I know it. There are even people who see you and simply don’t give a shit you’re there. I was coming home today and traveling at around 43-44kmph in a 40kmph zone sitting in the middle of the lane and this K-car decided to try to overtake me without crossing the central, solid yellow line.

    It was an obachan in a hurry and she was shaving the tip of my handgrip before I knew what she was at. Stupid old tart! I hit a blast of the horn (quite decent on the TA as you’ll know) and she waved at me as if to say, “You’ll be alright son”, which of course means, “F*ck away off you!”. I want Ben Hur style chariot side blades to put them off that nonsense in the future.

  4. Yeah, I reckon you’d be fine mate. Hope you and up with one.

  5. Klaus Says:

    Hey, Damien – the second pic looks good, TA on the center stand! Did you have any major or minor problems getting it on that darned stand??

  6. I have to bounce it once then I can get it up on the second attempt (said the bishop to the chambermaid). Getting it back off the stand can be as frought with danger as getting in onto it. The first time I dropped it onto the bonnet (hood) of my car. Thankfully no damage was done do either bike or car.

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