Gutless bikes and gobshites.

THIS is a gutless motorbike.

OK, rant time. I was reading a post recently about someone else’s Transalp 400V and a poster came along and dismissed the bike as ‘gutless’, and then went on to make several disparaging remarks about the blogger’s bike. A quick check of the poster’s profile showed that he had a BMW GS1200 R. I’m not going to link the post, because I don’t want to get involved in an on-line slagging match with anyone, but there are two points I’d like to make, if anyone gives a damn.

Firstly, what is it with gobshites who hide behind a pseudonym and thousands of miles of telecommunications cables and insult people on-line?

Secondly, 400cc motorbikes are not ‘gutless’, if that means they are underpowered. They may not massage some egos, but they’ve got enough power, even in second gear, to get you killed.

And “what’s a gobshite?” I hear you ask. In Ireland, your gob is your mouth. You can work the rest out from there I’m sure.

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6 Comments on “Gutless bikes and gobshites.”

  1. Simon V Says:

    Who needs more than 400cc in Japan anyway? With a top speed limit of 100kph a 250 is adequate and a 400 plenty. Anything bigger than that is a an ego trip.
    (Exceptions made for lanky bods like Jim D, who makes an Africa Twin look cramped. :-D)

    It’s not what you ride but how you ride it.

  2. I’ve just had a very old friend from back in Ireland tell me that he’s also riding. He’s riding a Honda XL125V Varadero:

    A bloody nice 125cc v-twin, adventure sports bike. A bit pricey though, at around $9000 US. It looks a lot bigger than a 125cc. There’s a bigger model, a 650cc I think. I wonder if the body is the same size.

    He’s a city commuter and loves this bike.

  3. Kevin Says:

    The entire 400cc thing is moot. Many 400cc bikes can easily do over 200kph and many 250cc can also do this. My 400 can’t even do 150 but it’s not always about speed. I love the sound and feel of my lonely but little engine that could SR.

  4. Klaus Says:

    Buddy in TAs!

    Don’t worry about those jerks! As it was mentioned before, who needs a bike that can do more than 200 km/h over here in Japan? And just for show-off purpose – NO THANK YOU! You will love your TA more and more, the more you ride it! And people will admire the bike (if you take care of it), because there are not too many out there! So, keep it up, have fun and tell those dumasses to shove it …..!!

  5. nanikore Says:

    [Reprinted from with my permission from myself.]

    I wasn’t aware I had to justify the cc of my bike on line, but here goes.

    I have a Honda CB400SF. Now, this is THE MOST BESTEST BIKE EVER. IT IS CHOCK FULL OF GUTS because: 399cc – that means you can divide it cleanly by 3 (=133). Can your bike do that? I doubt it. You see that? You can only beat that if your engine is based on prime number theory. That’s a veritable intestine of a gut. The large one, not the little one which is all coiled up.

    The engine is an NC42E. It’s codename was Killerofgobshite-gami, and has Hyper Uber VTEC 7, which basically, at a certain RPM (lets say 7000 because I cant remember) it unleashes HELL. Can your bike unleash hell? When I was going down the road at 235kmh the other day, I happened to hit 7000rpm in 3rd gear and literally hell on earth appeared before me. Frightening stuff to many, and that’s why only real men are allowed to have one of these bikes.

    Also, my bike is black. I don’t mean black like your bike, I mean blacker than a Spinal Tap album cover. Bright Black + Dark Black. It’s so black, I cant look at it in case I fall in.

    But hey, this isn’t just about how the bike runs (bestest, as mentioned) or how it looks (better than yours, because you aren’t Ewen McGregor) but other, caring, loving things – the things that real men talk about when they aren’t showing how manly they are, and by that, I mean the environment. The fuel economy. My bike does 3,450Km to a tank, with the tank holding over 120litres because that tank is so black. Also, the emissions from my bike are actually used to nurse unicorns.

    Sure your bike has guts. The anal cavity.

    OK, this thread is now answered.

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