New tinted visor.

OGK Teleos III with gradation tinted visor.

I finally got a tinted visor for my OGK Teleos III helmet. It cost ¥2,770 from Racing World, compared of over ¥4,000 in Ricoland. There are a few visors you can buy for this helmet, but I wanted the gradation tint, darkest at the top and gradually lightening to clear at the bottom. I changed the visors in the shop for the ride home and it makes a hell of a difference when the sun is strong.

I  also wore it last night for a quick trip to the supermarket and it was fine at night. I’d prefer to use the clear visor at night and will keep it in the top box for quick changes, but I wouldn’t be too concerned if i found myself riding past dusk with the tinted visor on.

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2 Comments on “New tinted visor.”

  1. Simon V Says:

    Ah, now I get it!
    Only the top part is tinted, keeping the sky from being too bright.
    But is there such thing as a “quick change”?
    I’d be worried about getting the “spare” scratched while it’s not it in use.

  2. That’s a good point about getting the spare scratched. I’ll be getting my wife to make a cloth bag for it. And regarding quick changes, using a ¥10 coin, I can change the visors in around a minute, even less.

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