Video for Kevbodian.

Kevbodian from Gaijin Riders asked me if I had any video footage of the bike, so I went out and made some. Here it is, the Honda Transalp 400V, presented in all its glory with a fine Irish accent!

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9 Comments on “Video for Kevbodian.”

  1. Deti Says:

    Nice “little” bike, THX for posting it!


    Deti, 1988 Transalp, nancy beige metallic, 250,000 km, “Faxe Biturbo”

  2. LTyama Says:

    Nice to meet you.

    I’m TA rider living in Kagawa.
    (I had been in Meitou-ku until 16 years ago.)
    I saw your movie on ADV rider & had a link to your blog.

    I wish you had a nice “Rally touring” .

  3. Hi folks,
    Thanks for dropping by. I like your site Deti. I visit it often looking for info about the TA. It’s a gold mine of tidbits!

    LTYama, if you’re ever riding down by Nagoya, let me know and maybe we can have a coffee together. When my Japanese is better I will read your blog! I’ll try to practice my reading by reading it. Nice meeting you to.

  4. LTyama Says:

    My parents still live in Meitou-ku.
    So, I’ll come to parents house on Mar. or Apr.
    When I decide to go to Nagoya, I’ll inform you & plan TA meetings.

  5. Klaus Says:

    See buddy, now you’re making (TA)friends!!!

    And Ltyama is also present. I’ve known him for quite some time! He will be a valuable resource when it come to riding questions concerning the TA!! Not to forget Deti, an expert in the TA field!!

  6. Konos ZEN Says:

    Nice to watch your video. I am a Tokioer, have had 1992TA green/gold since 1999.
    If you could come to Tokyo, we might have an afternoon tea together. Please don`t forget setting up ETC before your long ride..

  7. Hi Konos. If ever I make it as far as Tokyo I’ll surely look you up. Are you from Japan or a foreigner like me?

  8. Konos ZEN Says:

    I was born in Tokyo, raised here, but used to live in London. I uploaded two TA photos linked with my son’s blog site.

  9. Hi Kronos,

    Just saw the photos. Excellent looking bike you have there :o)

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