Kevbodian’s ’97 Yamaha SR400.

I made that video below for Kevbodian (a fellow Irishman in Japan don’t you know) and he sent me a link to this, a video of his bike. I actually considered buying one of these at one stage, before the Transalp caught my roving eye.

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4 Comments on “Kevbodian’s ’97 Yamaha SR400.”

  1. Kevbodian Says:

    I will be the first to comment. I am horribly sensitive about the rust on my bike’s motor but I do love this bike. It can do 100kph in just about 8 seconds and it tops out at about 135. It puts down about 25hp to the rear wheel (stock is 17ish).

  2. If you were to see the rust on my bike you’d not feel so sensitive about yours. I spend a few hours with a wire brush (two actually as I wore the first one out) on the spokes alone. They looked like the keel of a long forgotten boat.

  3. Klaus Says:


    to prevent those spokes from rusting again, use a piece of cloth, spray some oil on there and wipe them off. That’s what I do at least once a year and it seems to work. Some silicon spray is the magic word!?!?!

  4. Thanks Klaus. That’s exactly what I’ll do.

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