Sunday’s ride is on. New destination.

The planned ride for this Sunday will be heading to Higashi Shirakawa and not Shirakawa village as originally posted. Higashi Shirakawa is a mountainous area in Gifu reknowned for its scenery.

The meeting place is Fujioka in northern Toyota, Aichi. There is a Mini-stop conbini on the Fujioka side of the mountain road from Seto (Route 33). David’s friends are meeting at his house and travelling out to meet me and whoever comes to my house in the Ministop carpark at around 10:30am. From Fujioka we’ll head up through Obara village into Gifu-ken. If you’re coming from Nagoya and need directions, just come to my house and come with me to Fujioka. Email me for directions to my house.

There is a possibility of rain on Sunday and if the weather forecast is not good the ride will not go ahead. We’ll review the situation on Saturday and make a firm decision then. You can either check this site or ask to be emailed or phoned.

So far we have five people confirmed with another three or four expected. If you need directions to my house, email me. The Google map for the Mini-stop is HERE.

See you there I hope.


The ride is on for sure. Rain is forecast overnight, but it should clear up after dawn. We’ll probably get a touch of rain, but we’re not expecting a lot (famous last words). So, 10:30am at the Mini-stop conbini in Fujioka.

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2 Comments on “Sunday’s ride is on. New destination.”

  1. Klaus Says:

    Darned Damien …. *_*

    looks like you are really enjoying your new (old) ride?!?! If only I was living a little closer by!!

    We have almost finished our planning phase for this year’s Hokkaido touring, this time it will be the Wakkanai, Shiretoko, Kitami, Kushiro and Otaru area. 16 days (including the ferry) and we can hardly wait. But still another 123 days to go.

    Take care and always safe riding!!

  2. Hi Klaus,

    We’re trying to get a decent riding team organised in this area. We know several riders who are up for it, but trying to land a day on which we can all get out together is proving to be difficult. I’m sure as soon as the weather picks up people will be finding more time for riding. Maybe one day you’ll ride through here when we’re heading out somewhere and you can join us for a bit.

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