My Ride to Korankei Park, Asuke.

This wooden plate is called a mopan and is used to signal the start and end of a medition sitting.

So I went to Korankei Park as I posted I would. I didn’t put up a ride report because I’ve been feeling a touch under the weather and not up to doing much to be honest. Anyway, feeling better now so here it is.

I took the Sanage Green Road from Seto. I described this road in an earlier post, but I had only ever ridden it once on the bike and that was late at night, with not a lot to see. This time it was daylight and it’s a great road to ride. It costs ¥300 from here to Asuke and it takes about 25-30 mins I think. I didn’t time it. Some of the road is quite windy so it’s fun to ride. There are one or two long, straight stretches and a person could get up to 120kmph if they were in that way inclined ;o)

Korankei is very, very popular in autumn when the leaves turn from green. Large parts of the park along the river are lit up at night by spotlights sunk into the ground. Last week when  I went, there was almost no-one there. Of course, I wasn’t really there to see the park at all. I’ve seen it all before. I just wanted to ride the bike along the Green Road and through Asuke. I also fancied eating some mochi on a stick.

Here in Japan mochi is reformed sticky rice cake and there are many types. My favourite is gohei mochi, which is mochi moulded onto a stick and then braised over charcoals or a gas grill and then basted with sweetened soy sauce.  You can buy it everywhere in Japan, but there’s a really nice wee place in Korankei that does particularly good gohei mochi. The whole way down the Green Road I could imagine its sweet smell in my nostrils.

Anyway, here are a few photos of Korankei Park.

The red bridge at Korankei.

Ancient forest steps.

Stone monument.

Thatched building.

Zen temple courtyard.

My bike at Korankei.

So, I hope you enjoyed looking at my photos of Korankei park. Hmm, I’m feeling peckish now. Off to the kitchen.

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2 Comments on “My Ride to Korankei Park, Asuke.”

  1. Steve Says:

    Why not buy a real bike?

  2. Have you not got any colouring books to be getting back to?

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