I bought new winter pants.

I went on to Yahoo auctions last night and bought a new pair of winter pants. They’re Komine PK-605 pants with hips and knees protection. The material is waterproof and abrasion resistant. I hope they’re a decent pair of pants. Certainly they’re very cheap on Yahoo compared to elsewhere. I paid around ¥12,000 whereas I could have paid anything up to ¥19,000 on other on-line shops. Hopefully they’ll arrive before the weekend.

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4 Comments on “I bought new winter pants.”

  1. Simon V Says:

    Do they have them in yellow or some other high-visibility colour?

  2. I don’t think so Simon. They have a little reflective piping on the legs, but that’s about it.

    I’d quite like to pick up a reflective bandolier if I could find one. I’m sure they’d not be too hard to find. I’ll have to take a run out to Racing World to have a look.

  3. Klaus Says:


    they sure look good! I only have one problem when buying stuff like this in Japan – with my “spaghetti legs” it is difficult to find the correct size. That’s why I decided 2 years ago to get me a pair of “Dragin jeans”. Well, they are not waterproof, but at least they provide some protection when or if sliding along the road. *_* In addition I got my buffalo leather jeans and that’s definitely the way to go (except that they are so darned heavy).

  4. The pants arrived today, but they’re too small. They’re tight while I’m on the bike and they creep up my leg as well. They fit fine when I put them on over my jeans and walk around in them, but that’s no good to me. I’ll be sending them back to get a bigger size. It’s all expense, but they’ll last for years, so it’s best get it sorted now.

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