Riding pants again!

So, I sent back the winter pants I got from Yahoo auctions which were too small for me. I asked for an L size pair, but said that they didn’t have any, but that could choose another kind of pants if I liked, so I chose these, Komine PK-705 Full-year Riding Pants II:

This has all probably been for the best, insofar as the previous pants were winter pants, whereas these pants are ‘all-year’ wear, i.e. they’ve got thick, removable lining for winter and mesh panels (exposable) for summer. I wanted these originally, but they’re not waterproof and that put me off, but a few guys on Gaijin Riders said that it’s best to cover even waterproof winter pants with cheap, standard, waterproof gear as it dries so much quicker, which makes a lot of sense. My Honda jacket is also waterproof inasmuch as it doesn’t get soaked through, but cuffs and zip covers get soaked and can take a long time to dry in the muggy Japanese weather. I’ll get these pants and then buy a cheap ¥3,000 set of waterproofs from the local home centre to keep pants and jacket dry in the rain. Hopefully, I’ll get these  by tomorrow.

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2 Comments on “Riding pants again!”

  1. Klaus Says:

    Looking good, looking good! And those folks are right, you should get some cheap(er) raingear in case you hit one of those torrential rainfalls *_*!!

    Anything else new? I mean in reference to the bike. Since the rider gets all that good stuff, maybe the bike is waiting for something, too??? *SMILE*

    Take care my friend and always safe riding!!

  2. It has been quiet to be honest Klaus. Not a lot of riding being done at all as things at home are getting busy. Soon, it’ll be back to work and commuting every day on it, but next week is still holiday time and I fancy taking a ride by myself for a couple of hours into the mountains.

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