Checked a few helmets

I had a look today in Ricoland at Shoei and Arai and the ones within my budget are the Arai Profile ¥32,287, Shoei Z-6 ¥33, 075 (with free Pinlock) and the Shoei RFX ¥28,350.
I’ve had a cursory look at Yahoo auctions and the price difference is not that much from Ricoland, apart form the RFX which I’ve seen at ¥21,000, a big difference. If I can find a much cheaper one on Yahoo, I’ll buy from there, but if the price is only 2 or 3 thousand then I’ll buy over the counter. I’ll be visiting Racing World later this week to see what they’ve got.

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4 Comments on “Checked a few helmets”

  1. Simon V Says:

    I’m very pleased with my (second? third?) Syncrotec (one with a front that opens; very valuable to spectacled owl like me)
    But I needed to buy an XL instead of my usual L size. With the L size, the jaw-part pressed on my chin and in half-an-hour I had a headache. But I’ll buy another XL when this one is worn out (soon).
    (I’ve heard about using golfballs etc. BTW….)


  2. I’m leaning towards the Z-6 as it comes with Pinlock visor attachment. Pinlock attachments work like double glazing apparently so they don’t fog up. The visor also locks very tightly into place to reduce noise and increase waterproofing.

  3. Klaus Says:

    Damien, morning ….

    sitting in at teacher’s conference and – well, just words, words, words.

    Anyway, I think I did not mention this so far. Another interesting site for TA questions and so on is here:

    Just in case you got nothing better to do!

    Take care and safe riding!!

  4. Yay! Teacher’s conferences. You gotta luv ’em. I’m up to my oxters this week with preparing for the madness of next week when the universities start back.

    I’ve also to do a practice run of a route from one to another. I have 30 mins to get from one class in one uni to another class in another uni and travel 8km through Nagoya traffic. It’ll be fun.

    Don’t fall asleep Klaus. Stay awake by checking out the fine looking women about the place. That’s my tactic ;o)

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