Off to look at helmets.

The helmet I bought when I bought the TA is crap. There’s no point in saying it any other way. I was buying according to budget and I got what I paid for. On top of that, I didn’t understand about helmet fitting so it also doesn’t fit properly. There’s far too much space on the sides. It also rests on my crown and forehead, causing some discomfort after a while of riding. So, I’m off to look at helmets this afternoon. I’ll check the big shops, i.e. Ricoland and Racing World, and try on as many as I can and note those which fit the bill. Then I’ll come home and see how the prices compare on the web.

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2 Comments on “Off to look at helmets.”

  1. klaus Says:

    Damien, guess I’m too late??

    Yes, buying a helmet can be a (necessary) pain in the arse!! I first had a Shohei helmet – not bad at all. Two years ago I ordered a Schubert Concept helmet from Germany ( and even without trying it on it was the perfect fit. Besides, this company’s helmets are well-known for the quality and so on. Maybe you want to check that place (on the internet – of course) and see what you can get (at least some ideas, maybe). In my case, it was a special offer and even with the shipping fee it came much cheaper than what I would have had to pay over here in the “land-of-the-not-always-rising-sun”. Just an idea. In any case, go for quality!!! Remember – it is your head!!!!

  2. Hi Klaus,

    Unfortunately a Shcuberth C3 is a little bit out of my budget. Just a little :oP

    Check the post above mate. You’ll see whereabouts I am budget-wise.

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