Helmets again.

Went back up to Ricoland today as I’m in a position to buy a new helmet, but I came away with a question if anyone can answer it. I tried on the Arai Profile with a Pinlock visor and attachment for ¥34,000, but the sides were slightly loose. The rest of the helmet, i.e. the forehead, crown and back fitted with a uniform amount of pressure all around. The pads were touching my cheeks, but they brushed the skin when I pulled the helmet from side-to-side rather than pulling the skin.

The guy in the shop said it was too loose and he produced a set of Arai cheeks pads and inserted them (¥3,500 extra). When I put the helmet on the cheek pads were so tight that they caused my mouth to pout. It felt quite uncomfortable, but he said that it was the right fit.

He said that with the right fit I wouldn’t be able to chew anything, but it felt too tight. So my question is, how should a properly fitted helmet feel right around my head?

Thanks in advance.

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6 Comments on “Helmets again.”

  1. Barron Says:

    I seems that not being able to chew is a little too tight. I was told that my cheeks should be pressed in a bit, and I do have a little pout, but I can still chew, or sneeze comfortably. But I think he is correct when he says that it shouldn’t slide, but should pull.

  2. Klaus Says:

    Damien, yup, buying a helmet … what can I say?!?!

    But it is b.s. that “the helmet should be that way” if you feel uncomfortable. You should not be able to “spin” the helmet on your head – it should be something like “one unit”. But if it causes pressure to any part of your head – NO, that’s not the way it should be! Tell ya, riding a couple of hundred kilometers with headaches caused by the helmet is not what you want. So, keep on trying different models until you find the one you are really satisfied with. General rule (and the seller will agree, if they want happy customers): wear the helmet for 15 to 20 minutes, use it for a short ride on YOUR bike and if everything looks ok – get it!!

  3. Thanks folks.

    I decided to head out to Ricoland in Komaki this afternoon to get the Arai Profile Max Vision helmet (with Pinlock visor), but it was closed when I got there. So, I headed off to Racing World and they didn’t have one in XL size. This helmet thing is turning out to be something of a saga!

    Again, thanks for the advice. I also phoned my friend David today to ask his advice and he said more or less the same thing. I really want one for this Friday because I’m going to be doing a lot of miles. I’ll be riding to work in the morning, then to a class in the afternoon, then to a party that night and then home. It’s a hell of a lot of kilometres and I do not want to be doing it with the OGK helmet I currently own. I was riding for about three hours all in the afternoon and my head was busting for most of it.

    I’m also thinking about getting a white helmet for safety purposes. I bought matt black the last time for looks, but I know in my heart that white is simply much more visible and safe and that that should be the primary concern. I’ll be heading to Ricoland tomorrow after work to get it.

    I also saw a pair of Komine boots in Racing World. They were perfect for me and they were reduced from ¥14,000 to ¥6,500, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy them seeing that I’m buying a helmet too and that I recently bought a pair of pants. I’m currently using lace-up hiking boots which function very well apart from being a pain-in-the-arse to put on and take off. The Komine boots were zip-up. I so wich money wasn’t so tight.

  4. klaus Says:

    Hiking boots, that’s what you should stay with (at least for now) As long as they are waterproof or Goretex and have a “stiff cap” in the front (for gear shifting purpose) you should be good to go. Besides, it is more convenient when getting off the bike. Who wants to run around in a pair of “moon boots”?!?!

  5. Barron Says:

    I know what you mean about the hiking boots being a pain to put on. When we lived in Japan, my wife would complain to me that I took to long putting them on, especially when we are leaving a restaurant where we had to remove them. Plus she said they were very jyama. I still wear the same boots though, 10 years on. She should be happy I save money on shoes, right? 😉

  6. She should indeed. My wife is giving me the evil eye over this helmet purchase, so buying boots as well would see me sleeping under the car port. I also want a summer jacket and I’ll be needing a new chain soon too, which is another 2万, so I need to play it safe with the boots. What I have will do the job. They’re Gortex and very sturdy.

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