New Helmet bought.

So I got the Arai Profile Max V after all and it’s a sweet helmet. The OGK Teleos III is a bucket in comparison. There is no draught as the visor clips closed and the fit around the neck closes off draughts from coming up from under. The noise reduction is amazing as well. I’m not rendered deaf, which would be dangerous, but the wind noise is much less than the OGK, meaning that I can hear the other traffic around me better. It fits like a glove, only I wouldn’t be putting a glove on my head, but you know what I mean.

If there’s one slight thing about it, it’s the fact that the Pinlock visor itself lessens visibility. It causes a uniform mist-like hue which can be a little difficult to see through when sunlight hit the visor. Certainly there’s no fogging which is excellent, but I’d prefer if the visor was a touch clearer.

Altogether though, it makes for a very different riding experience. The first morning riding to work I thought to myself, “So this is what a helmet is supposed to be like.” Stoked ;o)

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6 Comments on “New Helmet bought.”

  1. Simon V Says:

    “a uniform mist-like hue”

    You have taken the plastic protective film off both sides, I presume.

    Simon V

  2. Doh! That’s it Simon. Just took it off. It was only on the inner side. Now it’s totally clear. I’ll plead to have been misled by this:

    The yellow hue is exactly like the one made by the protective film. Now I’ve got a truly magnificent helmet. I also found a chin piece on it last night which can be pulled down a touch to provide extra wind protection. Sweet 🙂

  3. klaus Says:


    congrats!!! Yup, a nice helmet can really make the difference! I assume you will enjoy riding much more from now on. How much did you pay? Anyway, just a couple of things for your TA (like decent handguards from Acerbis *_*) and you should be ready for a “TJ” (Touring Japan). Take care my friend and safe riding!!

  4. Hi Klaus. I paid ¥34,000 for the helmet and a further ¥3,500 for new cheek pads to tighten the fit a bit. I’m confident that it’s a good buy. It’s very comfortable.

    The next thing I need is a new chain. It’s very important. I think I’ll be getting it very soon to be honest. The current chain is too loose for my liking. Any advice on which chain would be cool.

  5. klaus Says:


    if I were you I would get the original Honda chain. I got mine when I bought the bike (shaken) – 3 years ago(??). It has now something like 55.000 kilometers on the clock I rode it something like 20.000 kilometers and I still did not have to adjust the chain. If you should come up with something better, please let me know, too!! *_*

  6. Klaus,

    It’s all about money again unfortunately. I can only imagine that the Honda chain would be very expensive. I had my mechanic price the job for me and it would cost around 17,000 for an above average chain, but not the best ones. That’s expensive as it is without going higher. If you can find me a link for the Honda chain at a decent price, I’d very much appreciate it.

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