Getting a new chain.

The chain on the bike is so loose now it cannot be tightened making it dangerous. So I asked Masaki-san, my mechanic, to order a chain and fit it for me. I asked him for a quote, and here it is from the email he sent me:

It is a standard chain of RK. (RK525RX)
It is about 16500 yen in total. (Chain and work)

Sound reasonable?

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4 Comments on “Getting a new chain.”

  1. klaus Says:

    Check mail!! Sounds like a good deal!!

  2. Hi Klaus,

    I just checked your mail. The TA needs a 120 link chain and on Yahoo auctions the RK 525 RX chains can cost around 12,000円, so I reckon his cut is not a lot for his time and expertise. He’s a race mechanic by the way, a very, very knowledgable guy. He’s also a really nice guy to chat to.

  3. And thanks for the congrats on the Japan Times article. The link for those who didn’t see it in the paper edition:

  4. Simon Says:

    Sounds OK, but I don’t know anything about the quality of the chain itself. Depends how much you value your time and trust your own workmanship. 🙂

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