I’m thinking about a day-long ride over Golden Week.

Not sure when or where, but I fancy heading out onto a highway for a couple of hours at least. I haven’t ridden a highway yet. I know of an event taking place in Shizouka that I might go to on Monday, but that might not be feasible. Does anyone have any suggestions where would be a good destination no more than 200km from Nagoya? Also, I was wondering if the toll fee is 1,000円 every day over Golden Week, or is is just weekends?

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10 Comments on “I’m thinking about a day-long ride over Golden Week.”

  1. LTyama Says:

    I’ll go to Nagoya on 2-5 May.
    On 4 May, I’ll take a short touring with my brother.
    Shall you go with us?
    But I haven’t decided where we go yet.(^ ^;)(Maybe Chita or Gifu)
    I’ll post the destination when we decide.

  2. Klaus Says:

    Damien – must be fun!!

    Concerning the highway fee – if I am not all wrong it only applies if you have ETC ‘electronic toll cashing). Elsewise you would have to pay the regular fee, which can be quite expensive. Still, it is fun riding the TA on highways, too! As I said before, it is an all-purpose-bike! And LTyama would definitely be a GREAT riding partner and advisor concerning the TA!!

  3. LTyama, sounds like a great plan, but I may have to go to Mie with my wife to see her family it seems.

    Her family are talking about it, but no decision has been made yet.

    I’ll not know until tomorrow or maybe Sunday if I’ll be in Aichi on Monday.

    If I am in Aichi on Monday, I’d love to go riding with you and your brother.

  4. klaus Says:

    Damien, what’s up?

    Thought you were going for a ride ….
    but you are on the Gaijin Riders site?!?!
    Well, we will be off to Hiroshima on 4 and 5 May, visiting biker friends we met last year during the Hokkaido touring.

    Enjoy the “G.W.” and CU around!!

  5. I was working today Klaus then I met up with my fellow TA owner Fred at Masaki-san’s place as I got the new china fitted. Then we rode off to Racing World to pick up some odds and ends.

    Tomorrow I’m going to Mie with my wife and children, but I plan to be back by tomorrow night, so if LTyama’s offer still stands to go riding I’d love to go.

    So, LTyama, if you’re heading out on Monday with your brother I’d love to ride with you. What are your plans?

  6. LTyama Says:

    We’ll go to Chita on this touring.
    We will be gathering Fujigaoka station (at side of bus stop) at AM 08:30.
    Do you come to there & this time?

  7. LTyama,

    I am so sorry. It’s 1:30am and we’ve just arrived home from a visit to Mie. There was a traffic jam at Yokkaichi for 30km. I was driving from 7pm to 1:30am. Also, on the way to Mie there was a traffic jam and I was driving from 6am this morning to 12pm.

    To be honest, it would not be safe for me to ride tomorrow so early. I’m exhausted. I’m very sorry that I can’t go. Next time, please ask again and I’ll hopefully be able to go.

  8. Just up out of bed at 9am. Yesterday was crazy. We left for Owase in Mie at 6 am, normally a 3 and a half hour journey, and got there at 12pm. Then left there at 7pm and got home at 1:30am. Madness. That’s 12 and a half hours behind the wheel of a car to do a 300km round trip, with two small children in the back. Thankfully they were angels, but we’ll never to that to them again. I really wanted to go to Chita with LTyama today too.

  9. LTyama Says:

    We went to Inabu yesterday & to CHita today.
    We planned to go before starting traffic jam at those place, so we had relaxed & fun riding there.
    I’ll come back my home tomorrow but I want to meet you other chance or TA meeting 2010.

  10. You went to Chita today? I’m sorry I didn’t know. I was free today and would have went to Chita with you.
    The next time you come to Nagoya, please tell me beforehand and we can make an arrangement to meet. Hopefully next time our schedules will be similar.

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