New jacket required!

Komine JK-700 Titanium Mesh Jacket

My riding jacket is a really nice Honda winter jacket with full armour, inner lining and thick elastic wrists, but it is now far too hot to be wearing it. I wore it yesterday riding into Nagoya and I was baking in it, so, I’m buying a new jacket and I’m going for Komine again.

The Komine pants I bought are excellent. They are so well made, with high quality material and loads of really well thought out design quirks, such as little velcrose tabs at the bottom of the legs which loop and fasten under the laces of my boots to stop the trousers from creeping up my legs. Therefore, I’m sticking with the brand.

The JK-700 jacket would normally be utterly ignored given the price, but Rakuten are doing a promotion with their credit card which gives a one-off ¥5,oo0 discount on a purchase (no annual fees involved). This means I can get this fully armoured mesh jacket for ¥15,000. The card has been ordered and I need it to arrive first before I can make the purchase. Then the card’s being destroyed 😛

I’m hoping I can have this jacket by the end of the week or the start of next week as the temperatures are climbing to around 30 degrees and I’m arriving to work every day sweating like a builder’s arse.

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4 Comments on “New jacket required!”

  1. klaus Says:

    Buy local – and it definitely looks like a very good deal. Maybe I should also check more often what Rakuten has to offer?!?!?! Have a nice working week!!

  2. I’ve been checking stuff on, and buying from, Yahoo auctions. That’s where I got the pants, but they’re very light on Komine jackets. I did a general search on Google and found loads on Rakuten. You also get a list of different sellers and their prices there which is very handy indeed.

    Have a good week yourself chum 🙂

  3. Jim Says:

    Hi Damien,
    Just found your blog. I’m in Okazaki. I got my australian license changed over and bought a Honda CB400SS a year or so ago. I don’t know much about bikes, but it’s a nice to get around and see the country.
    Anyway, just saying hi, and maybe I’ll see you riding around one day.
    Cheers, Jim.

  4. How are you doing Jim?

    Thanks for popping by. I’m not so far from Okazaki, about an hour and a half or so’s ride I reckon.

    I was in the market for a CB400SF myself when I was looking for a bike, before I bought my Transalp. The 400SS is a lovely bike. People say you can’t go wrong with a Honda.

    There are some of us in and around Nagoya who are often talking about meeting up for a run some time, so check back here every so often. If anything finally happens, I’ll be posting about it here.

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