The Komine jacket has been ordered.

Komine JK-700 Titanium Mesh Jacket

So, the thing about the ¥5,000 off your first purchase on Rakuten if you apply for their credit card only applies if you apply for their premium credit card, so that deal is out the window for me.

However, I’ve ordered the jacket regardless, given that I’m now fully waged after a few months of a reduced wage because I’ve been making the transition from senior high school teaching to university teaching. It’s not cheap in my books, at ¥20,000, (¥28,000 from Komine directly), but it’s a top class jacket with high-end mesh fabric and full protection including, shoulders and elbows (inner and outer, with the outter being titanium metal), chest (one piece), sides and a really sturdy back piece. It also has a removable wind-proof inner lining for the chillier days in spring and autumn. It’ll do the job of keeping me cool and well protected in the brutal Japanese summer heat. Hopefully it’ll be here early next week. It was ordered last night, so it might even arrive tomorrow.

Next, I need a good pair of boots. After that, I’m just about set with no forseeable spending on the bike for a few months outside of an oil and filter change after another 1,000 kms.

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4 Comments on “The Komine jacket has been ordered.”

  1. Barron Says:

    I bought a FirstGear textile jacket for about $160, but now I am thinking I should have gotten the mesh version instead. Summer’s going to be hot. I, too, have boots as next on my list. I’m interested to see what you get.

  2. Hi Barron mate, how’re you doing?

    I tried on a pair of Komine Waterproof Short Riding Boots in Racing Land in Nagoya a few weeks ago when I popped in to check out helmets. They were sitting on a For Sale pile of odds and ends and were marked down to around ¥6,000 from ¥14,000. They were my size and they were really comfortable, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy them given that I was about to part with around 4万 for a helmet and then a further 2万 for a new chain.

    I’m kicking myself now that I didn’t get them. The money was there at the time no problem, but I’m just a thrifty type. Now I’ll have to spend twice that for a pair of similar quality boots.

    If you see or get anything you think is a good boot for the price, let me know please. I’d certainly appreciate it. Good luck in your search.

  3. klaus Says:

    Damien, hi there!

    So, looks like you are really getting fully equipped! And congrats on the new job!!! Must be nice being one of those “under-worked-overpaid” daigaku-senseis!!! *_*

    On the boots: I always used and still am using a good pair of hiking boots – Goretex, with a stiff front cap. I know that it is not the ideal protection in case of an accident, but it is very convenient. Thinking about riding boots that you can only use for walking veeeery short distances – thanks but no thanks. And always having a second pair of shoes with me to get to those mountain peaks is not what I want either. Lots of people go that way and so far no problem at all. Of course if you can get a good deal – go for it!!

    I will have “shaken” coming up end of next month, found a place that will do everything for something like 4万円 – and of course the Hokkaido touring, so saving money is the keyword!!

    Take care and safe riding!!

  4. Hi Klaus,

    That’s exactly what I’m wearing, a pair of Gore-tex hiking boots, but they’re too short. The necks of them are exposed as my trouser legs climb my legs a touch, and that means water down my ankles! Not good. And you’re right, they’re not the best protection, but they’re decent enough for the time being. I’m in no rush for a pair of boots just yet. I’ll be shopping around a lot before I buy anything. Good luck with the shaken.

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