The last piece of gear – boots.

Komine BK-062 Gore-Tex Boots.

I’ve ordered my last piece of riding gear for the time being, boots. I’ve been using a pair of hiking boots which are fine in the good weather, but they’re short and my trousers creep up my legs a bit on the bike and the water can get into the left boot due to the front opening up when I go up the gears.

After a lot of searching on the internet and touring the bike stores around Nagoya and beyond, I’ve decided to go for Komine again. In all honesty, I reckon they make the best equipment for the price the gear sells for.

I didn’t want a full-on plastic encased racing boot. Rather, a standard touring boot which has a side-zip, but which is waterproof. I need a side zip for easy changes when arriving at work and to make my Tuesday lunchtime dash between two campuses a lot smoother. If it’s raining it takes time unlacing my boots and dealing with waterproof leggings and so on. I’m hoping that these BK-062 boots will make life smoother, drier and cooler in the summer.

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5 Comments on “The last piece of gear – boots.”

  1. Simon V Says:

    Nah, I’ll make do with a pair of these on wet days.


    Simon V

  2. klaus Says:

    Damien my man,

    I was already wondering! Long time no comments and now you will get your new riding boots. Looking good from what I can tell by the picture. Are they leather? And how “mucho” did you pay? Not that I am also ready to get some. Gotta save for Hokkaido touring and I’m not as wealthy as those uni teachers *SMILE*!!

    Guess next purchase will be TA related stuff like handprotectors, cigarette lighter, navigation system and so on, and so on?!?!?! Hey man, have fun, enjoy riding and life and CU around!!

  3. Hi chaps. How’s it going with you both? Aye, I’ve been spending a bit, but this is the initial outlay. After this, I’ll be spending no more for the foreseeable future. I can’t really think of anything else I need for to make the daily commute any safer or more comfortable. I’ll not be spending any more on the bike outside of maintenance either. Just got a new chain on and it’ll be needing an oil change and new air filter soon I think, but that’s it.

    Which reminds me Klaus. Do you just top up the coolant with normal tap water or does it need new coolant? Mine’s is well below the watermark and needs topping up.

    These boots are pretty decent. They’re around 2万 from Komine direct and many shops, but I found them for around 1.4万 on Rakuten. No more than I paid for the hiking boots which don’t do the job for me. I considered just buying something you’re using Simon, from the local homecentre, for the rainy days, but in winter I can just wear these boots all day, even in class, which does away with needing to change out of them.

    They’re made from real leather, artificial leather, GORE-TEX and Cordura. The GORE-TEX will make them bearable in the summer heat. They’re toe-capped and reinforced in the heal area and on the shin, with extra padding on the ankles. They’ve got a side zip too, which was a main requirement for me. I’ll get years out of them. Here’s the Komine homepage for them with all the bumph about them:

    I’ll have them for the rainy season. Happy days!

  4. Klaus Says:


    in reference to coolant: you should use something like a 40 – 60 mix, i.e. 40% coolant and 60% water. That will get you thru the winter(s) without any problems. In addition it will prevent corrosion. If you use coolant only the engine might overheat during the hot summer months. That’s at least what I (and also others) use.

    Take care and safe riding,


  5. Thanks Klaus. What sort of coolant should I use? I can’t find the info on-line.

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