Just because I lane-split you at the lights, doesn’t mean I want to race you!

Twice now I’ve had numpties, whose egos couldn’t take being lane-split whilst stationary at traffics lights, drive like lunatics to get past me again, almost ramming me off the road in the process.

It happened today for the second time. I was on my usual Tuesday lunchtime dash from campus to campus through Nagoya when I came to a set of lights on red. I gingerly rolled the bike past the half dozen waiting cars, but the guy in front wasn’t having it. He rolled along side me and when the lights went green he roared off and with me immediately to his left he veered left, forcing me to brake. Twat. I pulled back and let him continue on his way and then split him again at the next set of lights, only this time he was behind a line of cars. They never learn. We’ll just pass them again at the next set of lights. I don’t wanna race you mate. I’m just in a hurry.

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4 Comments on “Just because I lane-split you at the lights, doesn’t mean I want to race you!”

  1. Simon Says:

    Next time, pretend you haven’t seen him and signal right!

  2. Klaus Says:


    yup, I know what you are talking about. As long as they sit in a “box” they feel strong and don’t worry about us bikers. Especially in Japan – oh well, no comment necessary!!

    I get very upset when something like this happens to me, what I hate even more is if they try to get a “bumper-fender contact”! The only advice is: don’t let them provoke you to do something stupid. Your health is more valuable than winning a race! Take care my man and safe riding!!

  3. Hi you two. I’ve got this phrase in my head which I recite every so oftne when I’m riding, “Ride like a gentleman”. I’m generally slowing down a lot, but I still make silly and rash judgements the odd time. I barely break the speed limit now, and if I do, it’s on empty roads with no bends or potential obstacles.

    I’ve yet to get onto a highway though. I’d love to some time, and sit cruising at over 100kmph to see what it feels like. I’m waiting to see if the tolls drop in June. If they do, I’m going to treat myself to a day on the highways!

  4. Klaus Says:

    Good idea!!

    Hi there Damien,

    the TA on the highway is quite some fun, too!! Last long ride we took (summer 2009) was from Matsuyama to Maizuru – roughly 500 kilometers highway ONLY!! GREAT!!!

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