Will the cheap highway tolls ever happen??

This week I was in a classroom in one of the universities I teach in and the heat was getting heavy. The students were working away at their desks and I was feeling a little staid. It was my eighth class in two days, and I was feeling a touch fatigued, with chalk dust on my hands and in my nostrils. It’s a  good job, I can’t complain, but even good jobs can drag on a little sometimes.

Now, this particular university sits alongside the Tomei expressway which runs from Osaka to Tokyo, and we can hear the traffic whizzing by throughout the day. I went over to the window to watch the traffic flying past and a guy on a Yamaha R1 went whizzing up the outside lane towards Tokyo, and I felt a certain pang run through me.

I’ve yet to ride a highway and won’t until I have to, or until the government finally drops the tolls. I’d love to jump on around Nagakute and head off towards Tokyo for a day, maybe stopping off in Hamamatsu, or maybe further afield. I’m too stingy though to do it for fun at full toll cost. I’ll be waiting for the government to drop the tolls, but I might be waiting a while for that to happen.

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One Comment on “Will the cheap highway tolls ever happen??”

  1. Simon V Says:

    Ketchy! 😀

    Don’t forget that the petrol prices in the UK are twice what they are here. That’s why they can afford to let you use the motorways for free there.
    Japan is still in the pre-industrial mind-set of trying to make money from toll roads instead of profitting from the access they provide. They haven’t realised that less traffic in the center of town has its benefits too.

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