Gifu, my new Donegal.

Yahagi Dam, Toyota.

When I lived in Derry in Ireland, Donegal county was just over the border and it was a beautiful place to go for a drive or a walk on the beach or in the mountains. Loads of people from Northern Ireland would say that Donegal is the spiritual heart of the island, and I’d find it hard to disagree when up around places like Gweedore or the Bloody Foreland, watching the Atlantic ocean crash against the rocks of the western coast of Ireland.

David phoned me today just before lunchtime and suggested a run up to Gifu again, so I phoned Fred and off we went on an impromtu ride back into the mountains again. We headed to the Yahagi Dam in northern Toyota and then on towards Chausuyama, not too far from the Shizuoka border.

With David above Yahagi Dam.

The view down-valley from Yahagi Dam.

My Transalp.

We were riding through the mountains and the air was so cool it was cold, especially when we were riding through the forests. The air is always cooler around the trees. There was such a smell of fir from the forests, and with the cool air, it was like being back in Ireland in the mountains of Donegal.

With Fred somewhere around the side/top of Mount Chausu. See the mountains behind us? It's a beautiful place.

However much I enjoy riding with David and Fred, I’d love to do this run by myself sometime. They both like to push on with a bit of pace, but I like to keep it safe on the twisty mountain roads, so they spend too much of their riding time sitting at junctions waiting for me to catch up. I’d also like to stop more often and bring my own camera along, rather than my wife’s happy-snapper.

It was really quite cool up there. We went as far as a ski restort and then turned back, but by virtue of the fact that there is a ski restort tells you what it’s like during the winter months. Therefore, I’ll be doing a solo run some time in August, during the school holidays, to get away from the crazy heat down here on the flats around Nagoya. I’m looking forward to it.

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One Comment on “Gifu, my new Donegal.”

  1. Klaus Says:


    must have been another nice ride – especially when things like this remind you of your favorite places in Ireland. Same happened to me with Hokkaido – it was just so much like Germany.

    And concerning riding with others – yes, it can be fun, it can be challenging (although it shouldn’t be that way) – that’s why I prefer to ride with just my g.f. on the back!!

    Take care, have fun, enjoy your TA!!!

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