From the grapevine.

I’ve just read a post by Fastbike over on the Gaijin Riders forum that a government official went to the bike auctions today and was telling people about some changes in the riding laws due to be implemented next month. This is what Fastbike said the man said:

1. Free ETC for bikes
2. Relaxing the law regarding parking
3. 125CC for anybody with a car license
4. some kind of discount for eco bikes…

I wonder if any of this will come true? If so, who’d buy a 50cc?

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4 Comments on “From the grapevine.”

  1. klaus Says:

    Damien, hi there!

    So you are still alive!?!?! I was wondering since I didn’t see anything from you for quite some time.

    Well, “we” handled the German BMW guy pretty well, I guess. He should be on his way to the States some time beginning of July. Yesterday he enjoyed a ride with Eric – tell ya, those people on the forum were quite some help!

    As for us, we cancelled the Hokkaido touring for this year, time and ¥¥¥ problems (at least minor ones). So we will head for Kyushu again, should be fun, too.

    And hey, what’s that with the free ETC? Does this mean we don’t have to pay highway fee or do we get a free ETC card reader??? Maybe you can clarify this?!?!

    Well, my man, take care, safe riding and looking forward to hearing from you again!!!!

  2. Hi Klaus,

    It’s all about work at the moment to be honest, therefore not a lot of bike stuff happening other than the daily commute.

    According to the folks on the forum, it seems that it means if you have an ETC unit for your bike, highways will be free to ride. I’m not so sure if that’s exactly what’s going to be happening, if anything at all. I won’t effect me though as I never have cause to ride highways.

    Sorry to hear about the Hokkaido trip. Still, Kyshu will be excellent for a ride. When the summer holidays start I’m planning a day away by myself somewhere. No idea where yet, but it’ll involve around 2 hours one way on a highway.

  3. Klaus Says:

    Damien, morning!

    That sounds interesting (and strange at the same time)! If this is really the way it will be ….. it somehow, somewhat doesn’t make sense to me. But anyway, lets wait and see what will happen. Reservations for the camp site in Kyushu are done, so we will (try to) enjoy 5 days down there.

    You take care and CU around (whenever it takes you down to Shikoku)!!!

  4. Simon Says:

    Can’t see anything on the web in Japanese about this, which is weird if it’s coming into effect next month. I don’t believe a word of it.

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