Honda bike prices to drop to 2000 levels.

Powerful news coming out of Honda. In an article in the Yomuiri Online they say they’re dropping the prices of all new bikes to year 2000 levels, saying that it’s because fewer people are riding bikes. If other manufacturers follow suit, what will happen to the 2nd hand market? You can read the full article (in Japanese) here:

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3 Comments on “Honda bike prices to drop to 2000 levels.”

  1. Klaus Says:

    Damien, good news for people who want vto buy a new bike. But how about us? I am still more than pleased with my old TA. What I would like to see – while they are changing whatever – is a license system like in Germnay! After riding a 250ccm bike for 2 years without accident or penalty you automatically receive the license for big bikes. That would be the time for me to consider buying a BMW or something like this. But I guess they won’t change that – too much money involved!?!?!

    And good to hear from you again after quite some time!!

  2. That’s a nice system in Germany Klaus, but the government here wouldn’t crap on the riding schools like that. The schools would lose a lot of income.
    I’ve heard it said since I posted this that Honda’s move only relates to smaller bikes, such as 50ccs and 250ccs, to try to encourage more to take up riding in the first place. Not sure if it’s true though. Still, cheaper bikes of any class is good news, eh?

  3. Rich Says:

    Do think it would matter that much with bikes over 50cc… it still costs the same ridiculous amount to get your bike license.

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