Buying the Haynes manual for the Transalp.

After paying over 5,000円 for a oil change at a local garage, I’ve decided that I should be doing the basic maintenance myself. Therefore, I’ve ordered the Haynes manual for the Transalp from Amazon.

It’s for the foreign TAs, the 600cc and 650cc bikes as well as the Africa Twins, but the vast majority of the manual will be relevant to the 400cc. I’m not so sure about things like the oil filters and smaller consumables like that, but I’m sure their location on the engine will be similar.

Certainly,  I want to change the oil filter and the brake oil as soon as possible, so I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it. Also, the university holidays start in a month’s time, so I’ll have time on my hands to get busy, servicing and cleaning the bike.

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7 Comments on “Buying the Haynes manual for the Transalp.”

  1. klaus Says:


    you really want to get your hand dirty, I guess!?! But then again, like this you will get to know your bike and maybe build an even stronger relationship (I hope it won’t be stronger than your “family-ties”).

  2. Hi Klaus,

    I’d love to have a mechanic close who I could trust to do almost everything, but Masaki-san is over an hour’s ride away. so it’s best I learn to maintain the bike myself. This manual will tell me which tools I’ll need and what kind of oils and fluids the bike takes. Hopefully I’ll not have to pay any mechanics for such work again.

  3. Barron Says:

    I used to love working on my supercub. Wrenching isn’t for everyone, but I found it fun and educational. 🙂 Good luck!

  4. Hi Barron,

    I’d like to have cut my teeth on a Cub before tackling anything at all on a Transalp. Cubs strike me as being a simpler machine, which would be great to learn on.

  5. Barron Says:

    Yes, the Cub is perhaps the simplest 4-stroke engine out there, with everything relatively accessible. Nice to learn how everything works and comes together. Is there a good online Transalp community that has FAQs and other info?

  6. There sure is:

    It’s a good site, but some of the instructions are hard to make out. I reckon the Haynes manual will be pretty comprehensive though. It’s en route from Amazon and I’m sure looking forward to getting a look at it.

  7. Klaus Says:

    Morning Damien and hi “Baron”!

    Sure there are great Honda TA sites out there. It all depends on the language(s) you know. I am also a member of this forum:

    Lots of ueseful information and even more help when needed (concerning all Honda models)! Problem: it is all in German.

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