Super Super Cub!!

Kool Kub!

This Honda Cub was parked beside a bike shop yesterday when I went to get some coolant. It had every imaginable piece of kit on it, including a Navi and an ETC card holder. On my way back to the car there was a huddle around it, which included the owner, dressed in leathers and chaps. No kidding! I hadn’t the cajones to whip out the camera to take a pic of him beside it. I’m sorry I didn’t now.

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7 Comments on “Super Super Cub!!”

  1. klaus Says:

    Tell ya, those Japanese come up with quite some “interesting” stuff! When I went to Hokkaido 3 years ago I met a guy with a 50ccm(?) Kawasaki (looked like a little TA). He had it packed to the max with outdoor stuff and so on, even pulled a small trailor … *_*

    Well, we are back from our Kyushu trip. it was GREAT, pics on my website

    Take care my friend and enjoy the hot summer!!

  2. Great pics Klaus mate. I’d love to do a tour like that some day, but the chances of getting me wife on the back of the bike are nil!

    I’m in Ireland because my dad’s ill. I’ll be back in Japan in mid-August. I’m homesick for Seto already and I’ve only been here a week.

  3. klaus Says:


    hope that your father is (will be) doing better!

    Once you’re back, we’ll talk again!

    And your wife, one of these days she will also hop on your TA, the way my “partner” (g.f.) did. Take it easy and I am sure you will be able to convince her! And then lets take a tour together!!

  4. Klaus Says:

    Damien, my friend, how is it going?

    Did you return to Japan and most of all, how is your father. Hope everything is ok!!!

    As for us, lots of news, but more about that later by e-mail.

    Take care and see you around!!

  5. Hi Klaus,

    Sorry for not posting mate, but I’ve barely even visited the blog this last while. I’m snowed under with work and family stuff and I’ve been neglecting it for some time. I mean to get back to it some time soon though.

    Thanks for the thoughts,

  6. Klaus Says:

    Damien, good to hear from you again!!

    “People” are / were worried, of course. A biker and nothing heard for quite some time ….! Well, hope everything will be / is ok for you and your family. Take care and CU around!!

  7. Yes Klaus, I can understand that. Absent bikers might have had a spill. I’ve simply been whacked out with work and stuff and not up to blogging, especially when all I do is commute and put petrol and oil into the bike, therefore having nothing really to report. I’ll need to get a set of winter gloves soon so I’ll blog that. I should also blog about the mesh summer jacket I bought, which has been excellent in the high heat.

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