Changed the oil and the oil filter.

I finally got the courage up to change the oil and oil filter today and, with the help of the Haines manual, it wasn’t at all difficult. I used 2.5 litres of Honda Ultra G2 10w-40 oil at ¥1570 per litre, and a non-Honda oil filter, all bought from Shabon Dama in Nisshin, near Nagoya. I also bought an oil filter wrench from the same place.

Honda Ultra G2 10w-40 Four-stroke Engine Oil.

Initially I went to a local bike shop, Ito KT in Seto, and they were happy to sell me the oil and the filter, but not the filter wrench. I assume this is because they want to do it for me for the tidy sum of ¥3,000 or so. The guy was kind enough to tell me that I’d get the wrench in Shabon Dama, but I left with nothing from that shop and bought it all at Shabon Dama. He probably cursed me up and sidewards for that. Tough titty mate.

According to those who originally advised me about oil changes (including Ito KT where I got the last one done), the oil should be changed every 3,000 km, and the oil filter every three oil changes. However, the Haines manual advises strongly to change the filter with every oil change. I’ll do that. For the sake of ¥1,500, the price of a filter, it’ll be worth it to keep the engine sweet.

One thing is troubling me though. The Haines manual says that you need to top the oil up more often than normal, and if there’s white smoke coming out of the exhaust, it could mean that the engine might be burning oil. Well, directly after the oil change, white smoke was coming out of the exhaust when I turned the engine over. There wasn’t much, but it was dirty smoke. I’m wondering if it’s because of the movement of the old oil, or something pretty benign, or if I need to have a closer look at the engine. I’ve posted on Gaijin Riders and hopefully someone will point me in the right direction on it.

I should say though, that the oil filter has been on there longer than it should have been by the look of it. I’ve put over 5,000km on the clock since I bought the bike, and this is the first new filter since then. God only knows when the last one was put on. Anyway, there’s quality oil  in, and a new filter on, so I’m doing right by the bike. Fingers crossed I’ve not done anything stupid. If there’s no puddle of oil under the bike in the morning, I’ll feel comfortable enough taking it on the short ride to work.

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2 Comments on “Changed the oil and the oil filter.”

  1. Klaus Says:

    Damien, good to hear from you again (and a pretty long post, too)!!

    Concerning the smoke, I wouldn’t worry too much (at least for now). It might also be connected to the temperature change, humidity and many other things. My TA has shown smoke every now and then but it is still running without any problems. By the way, concerning the 3.000 kilometer intervals – I think I (got)changed my oil way after that point most of the time, a TA engine is indistructable!!!

    Well, looking forward to hearing and reading more from you again in the future, safe riding and …

    …. some day, somewhere out on the road

  2. Hi Klaus,

    I don’t think there’s much to it. Maybe it was due to the new oil change and the system cleaning itself out in some way, because now there’s no smoke. Took the bike to work this morning and back and I could really tell the difference in the engine noise and feel. The oil I bought was not the most expensive, but the next one down from that, so it’s good oil. Really worth the extra few yen.

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