New gloves ordered. (Update – arrived).

Komine GK-740 GTX W-Gloves CRONO

I’ve ordered a new pair of winter gloves to replace the dirt-cheap ski gloves I’ve been wearing every winter since I bought the Vino scooter four years ago.  They’re the GK-740 GTX W-Gloves CRONO by Komine, definately now my favourite brand of motorcycle riding gear.  My pants, mesh jacket and boots are all Komine, and for good reason.  It’s high quality gear at reasonable prices (if bought from Rakuten). They retail for ¥12,000, but can be got from Rakuten for around ¥10,000. I tried on a pair in Ricoland and they were a good fit, and a really nice glove.

They’re waterproofed with GORE-TEX and have armour on the knuckles and palms.  There is also reflector material in the backs and fingers, and they’re well insulated. They should do the job.

They’re en route to the house with ヤマト couriers and should arrive tomorrow. I’ll let you know how they hold up in the coming rains.

UPDATE: They arrived today, but I’ve had no chance to go riding in them. They’re stiff as hell, being new, and my hands got tired flexing in them after only a few seconds. They’ll need a fair bit of wearing to loosen them up and make them comfortable. Nicely made gloves though. Well finished.

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4 Comments on “New gloves ordered. (Update – arrived).”

  1. brightblack Says:

    That’s a nice pair of gloves. I’m using a pair which are a couple of years old now but I find them too padded meaning I’m losing some sensation on the brakes and indicators which is less than perfect. Maybe next year I’ll get something better.

  2. Hi mate,

    I’ve had a while now to give these gloves a good run in, and on Monday I rode twice in very heavy rain. My hands stayed completely dry. The gloves took a serious downpour in the morning and they really did the job for me.

    They also perform well in the cold. After a while, I can feel the cold getting through to the finger tips, but otherwise, they’re nice and cosy.

  3. Out of interest, how is the thumb movement for getting to the indicator?

  4. Graham,

    Now that I’ve worn them in, they’ve very comfortable and flexible. No trouble at all getting to the indicator switch. They were stiff at the start, but they softened up very nicely. They’re a very nice pair of gloves. Beware of GORE-TEX substitutes ;o)

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