Turn signal problem.

My turn signals are taking an eternity to come on after I hit the switch on the handlebars, usually about 3-4 seconds, which is bloody dangerous. Folks on Gaijin Riders have suggested that it might be a relay getting old, or even that the battery water level might be low. I’ve orders a relay and it should be here over the next couple of days or so. I’ll install that and hopefully it will sort the problem.

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3 Comments on “Turn signal problem.”

  1. klaus Says:

    Damien, hi there!

    Of course always following your blog (especially because I am too darned busy to work on mine).

    Concerning the turn signals – yes, everything you were told is (might be) right. In addition, just a thought – why not use some contact spray on all switches and so on. That’s what I do on a more or less regular base.

  2. I’ll do that Klaus. First of all though, I’ll have to get a good look under the fairing to see what is there. I have the Haynes manual which has good diagrams, so that should be a good help. Thanks for the advice.

  3. Bleh! I thought my wife had ordered the part over the phone, but she hadn’t. They wanted to see the frame number for themselves before ordering the part, so I had to ride over tonight to order it myself. It’ll arrive in the 3rd. Meanwhile, the turn signals are now taking almost 5 seconds to come on. The sooner I sort this problem the better.

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