I’m thinking about taking the ogata test some time next year. That’s the test for bikes over 400cc. I really like the Transalp, but I fancy something a bit bigger engine-wise. I would jump over to another 400cc with a bit more horsepower, but then I’d be hard done by to find one as tall as the Transalp. If I take the test, it’ll be at the test centre and not at a school. The school where I took the chugata test are asking for 10万  for lessons and the test. It’s a bit much. Plenty of people do it at the test centre and get it after a couple of times, so I fancy my chances. I think it only costs around 6,000円 to do it at the test centre.

When I was over getting the part ordered at the local bike shop, I noticed they were advertising an African Twin, so I nipped up stairs where they show the second hand bikes. They have a really clean Africa Twin, but they’re asking 73万 for it. That’s a brutal price. I have to say though, it’s a nice bike. The dashboard was full of odds and ends, which I couldn’t see the purpose of.  I did see an grip warmer, but I don’t know if that was stock or added after by the owner. It was spotless though. I really clean bike. The Africa Twin is really, really big. Much taller and bulkier that the Transalp I think. It was on a platform, so I could be wrong. I should check the specs online. If I do the ogata, it’s definately a contender for my next bike. It really is a majestic machine with a great presence.

Honda XRV 750 Africa Twin 1996

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4 Comments on “Ogata?”

  1. Bakkies Says:

    Hey mate!

    I would recommend getting the Oogata, once you get it you will wonder why you bothered getting anything under 400cc!

  2. Klaus Says:

    Damien – big plans!!

    Yes, the AT is the bigger brother of our TA. But Yen 730.000 that sounds a lot even if it comes with lots of extras. You should be able to get it much cheaper if you look around. And why not consider getting a BMW (GS or something like that). My Red Baron place sold one for Yen 600.000 last year, really great and good-looking bike. And in reference to shaken, it would be more or less the same like for our little TA. On the other hand, I hate to se another TA friend leave the scene. Remember, just a little more time and our bikes will be vintage!! Take care my friend and safe riding during the winter months!!

  3. Hi Bakkies mate. Nice to see you popping along. Yes, for sure, but it all depends on the money situation, as it always does for me. If not next year, then the year after. Depending on the work situation I might change the Transalp after getting it through the shaken next November. I reckon I could get half my money back on it if I sell it with 2 years shaken on it. That would be pretty cool if so.

  4. BMWs are definately contenders Klaus. There are a couple of models around the 650cc range which would suit my purposes nicely, but it’ll depend on the prices at the time, and the amount of cash I’ve got available for the purchase.

    And you too mate. Keep safe on those nasty freezing roads.

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