Koso heated grips report.

Koso heated grip

OK, I got the grips installed last night at Masaki-san’s place. The ride home was long and freezing cold and the grips were excellent. I set them at the top setting and they were almost too hot to hold when stationary, even through heavy Komine gloves. The palms of my hands were sweating which went a long way to keeping warm blood flowing to my fingertips. When I got home I took off my gloves and held the grips, and they were too hot to hold with just bare skin. The top temperature is 75°C, which is damn hot.

This is the only place on the handlebars the heat adjustment attachment would go. It's slightly awkward, but I'll not be changing the setting so much, so it's not an issue.

There are 5 heat settings to choose from so it would be easy to find a comfy one. They take about 15-20 mins to hit full strength heat, but they get nicely warm after just a few minutes. They cost around ¥6,000. Well worth the money. If I have any trouble with them I’ll come back to report on it.

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