Gearing up for the winter continues.

Aerostich Kanetsu TLTec Wind Blocker Electric Vest

I’m buying an Aerostich heated vest off a guy on the Gaijin Riders forum. It comes with a thermostat and the leads needed to rig it up. This should finish me off in terms of buying winter gear. Hopefully I’ll have it by mid-week and I’ll rig this up myself. It seems easy enough to do.

Here’s the blurb from the website:

A unique blend of common sense engineering, ultra-compactible design and careful craftsmanship. Key technical features that make an Aerostich vest your best choice: A slightly shorter, thinner heated collar that fits your neck better and slides under a jacket collar with less bunching. A longer trunk length giving a greater total heated area. Only two pockets: one for storing the power cord and one that the entire vest pulls into, forming a neat, compact package. Includes: fused, lighted coil cord hookup and power switch. 45 watts / 3.3 amps (works with all BMW standard power outlets). Specify QuiConnect 2, SAE or BMW connectors.

Included in the sale is the Aerostich Thermostat, which allows you to regulate the temperature and to gauge how much charge is being used to prevent running the battery down in the event of having too many electric devices running on the bike.

Aerostich Thermostat

Both items together new would cost around $240 (¥24,000), but I’m getting them both for $140 (¥14,000). Had I not have gotten them for this price I’d not have been able to buy them. Even at this I’m pushing myself quite far in terms of budget, given that I’ve just paid for the heated grips and their installation.  Therefore, I’m stoked. They’re quality gear and they’ll be used with my next bike and long into the future.

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3 Comments on “Gearing up for the winter continues.”

  1. klaus Says:

    Darned Damien ….

    … HAPPY NEW YEAR …… first of all!

    You are really getting set with all that special equipment, I can tell. And then you are considering selling your trustworthy TA to get something bigger? Think about it again, PLEASE!! Our TAs are the perfect bikes!!! *_*

  2. Klaus,

    A friend asked me to take him to the mechanic’s place on the back of my bike to pick up his BMW 1200GS which has just been through its shaken. I haven’t had my license for a year yet so he rode the bike with me riding pillion. He was full of praise for the TA, in all its 20 years of age. He was amazed at how solid the bike still was and hold well, the engine runs and responds. I’ll be keeping it for some time yet, but after it goes through the shaken in November, I will consider selling it while it retains some of its value. At that point, I might simply get another one with lower mileage. But for now, it’s a keeper.

  3. An a Happy New Year to you too sir. Let’s hope it’s a safe one for us all.

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