Origawa Dam, Gifu.

Took a ride out to Gifu with a friend today and went to Origawa Dam. It’s a mecca for bikers in the area seeing that the roads for miles around are excellent for riding. I only had the iPhone to take photos with so they’re pretty crappy, but you get a feel of the place.


Origawa Dam, the reservoir side.

Waterwheel at Origawa dam in Gifu.


The waterwheel and visitor's centre at Origawa dam.

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3 Comments on “Origawa Dam, Gifu.”

  1. klaus Says:

    Well, Damien – you had a great ride again – and guess the weather was great, too!?!? But that will be it for the next couple of days – at least concerning the weather.

    Take care my friend and stay out of trouble!!

  2. Hi Klaus,

    Some of the roads were a bit hairy to be honest. Leaving Aichi we entered a tunnel and left it into Gifu. There were big snow drifts both sides of the roads and in some spots there was ice, right up the middle of the road. Roads that are best ridden very carefully indeed!

    You too take mate. Stay warm too.

  3. Bakkies Says:

    Geez mate, you`re keen heading up there!! Certainly won`t run into me up there in these conditions!

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