Battery went flat earlier.

When I got out of work tonight the bike wouldn’t start due to a flat battery. Luckily I was on a hill so I bump-started and rode home. However, this is a problem. I think it might be due to my running the heated grips and vest over short distances, not allowing the battery to recharge. I’ve got a 12v battery charger here in the house, so tomorrow I’ll pop it on the charger and see if it’s charging OK. If not, then maybe the battery needs replaced or something. Any advice or suggestions are most welcome.



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4 Comments on “Battery went flat earlier.”

  1. Simon Says:

    My TA doesn’t like it when I coast downhill on the clutch for long distances. Even though the engine is turning it doesn’t generate enough to keep the headlamp from draining the battery. You need an extra battery if you’re going to use those heated grips AND vest. Get yourself some jacket and leg insulation and some handguards and you’ll be toasty without any battery drain. I assume you’ve got your knees and thighs well wrapped. If not a layer of camping mat does the trick!
    See my bike pics on FB. I don’t even have a cowling any more, but my handguards are the type the newspapermen have on their Cubs; a couple of thousand for a pair. Good in the rainy season too. 🙂
    Have I gotta drive down to Nagoya to show you?

  2. Klaus Says:

    Damien, hi there!

    Well, Simon gave you the answers already. You should definitely check the battery first. And yes, all your “special equipment” can and will definitely drain a weak battery.

    Be tough my man, play hardcore, no heating stuff when riding the bike. Use proper baselayer and stuff like that *_*!!

  3. I ask for advice or suggestions and you two say, “Man up!” Thanks a lot! lol.

    I’ve simply turned off the vest in all but the coldest mornings. I commute every morning when it’s close to freezing here, so I’ll leave manning up to better men than me. The grips stay on, but they don’t drain the battery at all. Even with the vest on, over longer distances, I have no grief, so things are OK as they stand. Over on Gaijin Riders I got loads of great advice, but almost all of it required spending some money, so I’ll let things sit as they are. The university holidays have started, so I don’t need the bike for commuting for a couple of months, and after that, I’ll soon be breaking out the mesh gear again.

    Thanks again for your advice. Next time, I’ll be careful what I ask for :oP

  4. Klaus Says:

    Damien-samma, oooooops! No hard feelings, ok?!?!
    No, I know, just kidding. Anyway, the only thing
    I can think of is getting a stronger battery (though
    I really don’t know whether that can be done).
    If not – bring out that sheepskin!! If nothing else
    at least it will keep your rear end warm *SMILE*.
    Enjoy your holidays and take care!!

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