Dropped the bike

I was leaving the uni car park yesterday, onto a main road turning left. A car doing the same thing cut right across me as I was pulling out forcing me to brake sharp with the handlebars almost fully turned, causing me to lose balance and drop the bike. No damage beyond a few scrapes, but the fairing on the left side looks shite. Thankfully a student leaving the car park on his scooter helped me lift the thing off the main road and away from the oncoming traffic. C’est la vie, I suppose. I didn’t get a good look at the guy. More’s the pity.

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3 Comments on “Dropped the bike”

  1. Barron Says:

    Dang! Glad you are ok, though.

  2. Klaus Says:

    Same here! Good to know that nothing happened to you. And concerning the bike, I guess with your skills it will look like new again pretty soon.

    Take care my friend and safe riding!!

  3. Apparently you can buy the decals and the paint, so this might be a little summer project for me. I might ask Masaki-san to help. He’s a whizz with body-work.

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