A Long Wait and Givi Top Cases.

The bike just after it was delivered to the shop. Not the best angle or lighting for the pic.

Well, the bike has arrived in the shop and I went along to check it out and also to find out about a top case. There’s a 45 litre Krauser K2 on the Transalp, which I can’t put on the CB400SB, so I need a new case of equal size. Being a working bike, a top boxcase is absolutely necessary.

Firstly, there are two kinds of Givi cases, the Monokey cases and the Monolock cases. The total difference between the two is unclear to me. On the UK website it says that the Monokey cases are meant for bikes, whereas the Monolock cases are meant for scooters. However, according to Givi Japan, only the Monolock cases will fit on the CB400SF/SB series. Certainly the Monokey cases are of a much sturdier build, and they are generally of bigger capacity. The Monolock cases are not so sturdy and are mostly small capacity cases. However, they do have a couple which have 45 litre and 47 litre capacities. I’ve gone for the 47 litre Monolock case. This one:

Givi 47 litre type E470 Top Case

The full webpage is here:        http://givi-jp.com/products/case/monolock_case/e470.html

I was able to buy an LED light which is rigged up to the strip-light in the middle of the case and the bike’s rear brake-lights, which is neat for safety. It’ll give a brake light quite high up for people behind to see. What’s more, the shop added up the cost of the case, the mounting brackets and plate, the LED light fittings and the labour costs to install it, and then the guy scrubbed the ¥8,500 labour costs and said it would be installed for free as a ‘service’. Nice people.

So, the bike’s in the shop, but I can’t get it for a week, which is shit on a stick, and then some. There’s a bank-holiday here on Monday so they can’t do the registration until Tuesday, and they’re closed on Wednesday so they can’t install the heated grips and engine guard bars, or the top case until Thursday or Friday. C’est la vie, eh?

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2 Comments on “A Long Wait and Givi Top Cases.”

  1. Klaus Says:

    Damien, my man!

    So, despite your last mail you DID get that beauty. You must be wealthy!! *_*

    Well, I wish you lots of fun with your new “toy” and that you will never regret dumping the TA.

    You are still welcome any time to get down here ….. even though my old TA will be no competition at all, of course.

    Take care my friend and CU around

  2. Hi Klaus,

    I wish I was wealthy! I’ve managed to put down a decent deposit which will leave me with a monthly payment of ¥15,000 for three years, which is not the worst to be honest. It has taken me a long enough time to save the deposit. Even in tough times I hope that paying it won’t be too difficult. I see this like buying a second car. We need two vehicles in this family, so if it wasn’t this bike, it would be a k-car, but I’d prefer to commute through the city traffic on a bike.

    I’m miffed that I have to wait another week to get it. When they were checking the parts manual for the heated grips and engine guard bars in the shop they payed particular attention to the estimated installation times noted in the manual. It’s obvious that the mechanics’ schedules are full. The shop is open today, tomorrow, and Tuesday, but they say they can’t install those things until Thursday or Friday. The Givi box should arrive on Monday they say. I’m hoping that they get the finger out and have the bike ready for pick-up by Wednesday.

    I wish this was a toy to be honest. I replied to Simon on another thread that if I were buying a bike to play around on, it would be a 250cc off-roader, something to take into the forest trails and to the hills around Seto. This CB400SB will be a working bike. My daily commuter which I’ll take out on the odd leisure run now and then. Leisure runs have been few and far between with having such a young family, despite having such stupidly long holidays.

    I’ve finished spending on this bike for the time being (famous last words). I need nothing more for it. My intention was to set myself up for few years of no worries commuting. The next thing will be a navi, but that will be next summer at the earliest. I’m hoping to take my family home to Ireland next summer, so even then a navi may not be affordable, or even of any use.

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