All I wanted was the Toyota Corolla of motorcycles.

Someone once described the CB400SF/SB as the Toyota Corolla of the motorcycle world, and I was immediately sold on them. Economical, reliable, well-made, and not flash. Right up my street. Sounds like the perfect bike to commute on. Then I saw this:

What the f**k have I bought to go to work on? Honda Cub anyone?

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2 Comments on “All I wanted was the Toyota Corolla of motorcycles.”

  1. Simon V サイモン Says:

    That’s what you wanted isn’t it: a nice all-round bike?

  2. I’m not moaning! But I was a little shocked at the performance of the bike in this video, and now I’ve come to understand that the CB400SF/SB Revo engine is considered one of the fastest in its class.

    For god’s sake, I don’t like even going over 120kmph on a highway in a car.

    On another note, I’m thinking of taking a run up to SLY this Saturday to watch some of the Gaijin Riders folk racing. That’ll be a 2:30 hour highway trip. If I go, It’ll be the first time riding a bike on a highway here.

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